In the year 2002 during interior renovations of the Parish Church of Our Lady's Assumption into Heaven,Vils,Austria,a relic of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos was placed in the new main Altar.


Born 196 years ago on 11th January 1819 in Füssen,Germany
died 147 years ago on 4th October 1867 in New Orleans USA

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1)The National Seelos Shrine in New Orleans Releases Video Thanking All Their Volunteers & Helpers

Thank You To Our Volunteers

The Seelos Welcome Center and National Shrine is run through the hard work and dedication of our Volunteers. Blessers, Docents, Gala Organizers, and Crocheters far and wide are vital to the spreading of devotion to Blessed Seelos. We appreciate the support of all of our volunteers, past and present. The Staff loves you, we pray for you daily, and could not do this without you!

Posted by National Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos on Monday, 27 July 2015


2)Father Byron Miller Steps Down As Executive Director of the National Seelos Shrine and  Vice-Postulator for the Seelos Cause

In the July Issue of "Seelos Center News",Father Byron Miller stated he had personally requested a transfer after 16 years as Executive Director of the Seelos Shrine and Vice-Postulator fro the Seelos Cause.The full story can be read on this page


3)Dream Changes Pain Ridden Man

Bob Tompkins at The Town Talk website came across  a guy named Daniel Brooks who claimed to have been healed by Blessed Seelos.The full story can be found here 

It is also worth reading Bob's personal dimension to the story he wrote above.Daniel Brooks story was also featured as the lead story in the July 2015 Seelos Center News

4)Mobile Blessed Seelos Prayer GroupWebsite

In need of prayer?Then why not go along to the Blessed Seelos Prayer Group in Mobile,Alabama.Can't get to the meeting due to illness or to far away?NO PROBLEM!Visit their new website and fill in the form on the Home Page and they will pray for your intentions.

5)National Seelos Shrine Now on Google+

The National Seelos Shrine in New Orleans now has a precence on the Google+ social media platform.

To celebrate this new developement any one who visits the page and leaves a review before 30th June 2015 will be enterred into a draw to win a FREE SEELOS DEVOTIONAL PACKET worth $25

6)St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

7025 Halifax Avenue N, Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

The Redemptorist Community held an  evening of recollection in the C.Ss.R Hall on 24th March 2015   . Fr. Byron Miller, Redemptorist,

Director of the National Shrine of Blessed Francis Seelos in New Orleans and Vice-Postulator for the Seelos Canonization Cause, spoke to an

audience of well over 100 people about the incredible power of God through the intercession of saints, and offered inspiration from Blessed

Francis Xavier Seelos—a Redemptorist priest known as the “Cheerful Ascetic”—who died in the 1867 yellow fever epidemic of New Orleans.

He also updated all present on the current state of the canonisation process.Paul Schwartz was also invited to talk about his son Joey and the

alledged miracle of his healing through the intercession of Blessed rancis Xavier Seelos.During his visit to  Minnesota Father Byron visited the Church of St John the Baptist,Savage wear Parish Priest Father Tix showed him the icon of Blessed Seelos made by the artist Nick  Markell.Father Byron spent some time in prayer before the icon.

Seelos Icon in St John the Baptist Catholic Church,Savage,USA-Photo Copyright Nick Markell(Artist who created the icon)

Photos & report by Paul Schwartz

7)St. Catherine Siena Parish
2605 Spring Hill Avenue
Mobile, AL 36607, USA

On the 17th March 2015,Mobile's Seelos Prayer Group based at St

Catherine Siena Parish were delighted to have their new statue of

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos blessed during the 1800hrs Mass

celebrated by Reverend Monsignor James S.Kee,J.V.

The Statue was blessed in memory of Margaret Aldridge.The group got the statue from the National Seelos Center in New Orleans and it is one of two statues made by the artist who gave his statue to the center 10 years ago.

PHOTOS COPYRIGHT-Maria Ann Callaghan  © 2015

Article & photo in The Catholic Week(Archdiocese of Mobile​)


8)Father Byron Miller talks about Blessed Seelos on Archangel Radio,Alabama.

9)Father Byron Miller announces second Seelos canonization miracle m
ay have been found

10)Back up Seelos Canonisation miracle in Alabama!

More information is available on this website-
Chad Judice talks on different subjects including:

The Culture of Life:    

- Blessings Not Burdens: The Joys of a Special Needs Child

    - The impacts of living the Catholic Faith    

- One solitary life: Teenage Pregnancy: Adoption not Abortion

    - An Easter Miracle: Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos    

   Chad Judice, father of Elijah "Eli" Paul Judice a five year old with spina - bifida illustrates how sharing that journey of communal prayer with St. Thomas More Catholic High School community with multiple audiences has rekindled the dormant faith of incarcerated men, fathers who had become preoccupied with career and lost focus on family, and inspiring those facing unexpected illness or tragedy in life to cling to God.  He also shares the stories of a teenage and married couple, who after an unexpected prenatal diagnosis and encountering Eli's story in the midst of it, chose to carry their babies to term. As well as an infertile married couple who were moved by the journey of the Judice family to adopt a child with Down Syndrome. The presentation climaxes with Holy Week and Easter weekend of 2011 at Tulane Medical Center in downtown New Orleans when Eli is delivered from a life threatening medical situation through what Chad and many others believe is a bona-fide miracle. One that could eventually get a 19th century Redemptorist priest canonized a saint in the Catholic Church.

11)A new Blessed Seelos Prayer Group now

meets on the last Monday of each month

at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church in

Westwego, LA. The gathering in Badeaux

Hall begins promptly at 7 p.m. and ends at

8.  A crucifix containing the relic of Bl.

Seelos is available for veneration. Please

contact Tim Rivers at seelosprayergroup@  for  more  information

12)St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

7025 Halifax Avenue N, Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church, Donaldsonville, Louisiana
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Deidre Detillier 












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