The Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in Füssen
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We have lit a candle & prayed for the following prayer requests at the Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos.
You can still use the form above if it is easier for you,but the new Prayer Request Book is both easier,time saving and quicker to use.It also enables you to post or send a private intention.


Deacon Jim McCabe to be ordained as a Redemptorist Priest this Saturday in Philadelphia!
Baltimore Province Redemptorists

Prayers needed for a special family.member who has an eye disease and desperately pass an eye exam for his job tomorrow! He is expecting his first child in 2 wks and the baby's mother is unable to work at the present time Prayers for mom and baby also because she has hypertension and may have to delivery early! Father Seelos please intercede and ask God to do his will! Thank you!SM

Margaret-colon cancer
Averyl-renal failure

Eternal Rest grant unto our Wolfhounds  Kris Lorenzo, William Blevins, Thomas Allers, and Andrew Krippner, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their Souls and the Souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen +

God be with the families of the fallen. Prayers and hope for a speedy and full recovery for seriously injured Anthony Torres. Prayers that the rest of the Wolfhounds stay safe as they continue their mission.

David who is dying of cancer and for his wife Lorraine and family

Prayers for a special intention. Thank you.APS

Father Seelos, I pray that my daughter and her children find lots of joy in their new home. My daughter works so hard to make ends meet, she deserves to enjoy this new home with her children and lots of happiness! Thru Jesus precious name! DB

Prayer for Big Ed.MM

Blessed Seelos,Thank you for the divine intervention you have brought about so far; the Lord has put people in my path who want to help, including a chaplain.  There are still many obstacles to overcome in my work-place, however, and I pray for more help in keeping my position and improving the climate of the office for everyone.  I also pray that the loan application I just submitted be approved.  You know how much I need these extra funds Bl. Seelos.J

Please remember Michael Haydon and his dear parents Louise and Randy in your prayers.Michael was wounded in the course of duty yesterday in Afghanistan, he has been flown to the Military Hospital in Germany.Michael has shrapnel wounds, please pray for him, for healing and that  God will draw close to him and his family.Poor Clare Colettines TM D

I need your prayers for my 2 little grandsons, Please pray that Almighty God touch them and send them back to live with me. I just found out that their mother is marring a man who is atheist and now my daughter is claiming to be atheist to ! I am not allowed to speak to my grandsons for the last 5 months, my daughter and this man she is getting married to are teaching these precious boys horrible things of the devil ! The boys always went to Church when they lived with me. I am praying and fasting and asking Our Lord to send them back to me so that I can bring them back to Jesus, They love Jesus but are forbiden to even speak His Holy Name. Help me to help them, IN JESUS MOST HOLY NAME AMEN & AMEN ! Denise Scanio Lewis
 Please continue to pray for my wife Sharmon and ask the Blessed Mother and her Son to open her heart to love me and reconcile our marriage. In Jesus' name we pray.Mark Provost

For my mom who is battling Dementia and Alzeheimers - that her struggles be minimal and that she does not suffer any more while enduring this cruel illness. Also for my son that he may accept responsibilities for his denial and do the right thing for his sake and the sake of his children.
Also for my step daughter and her family that they may get good news at the end of a very difficult upcoming trial that will impact the rest of all of their lives.
Also for Financial Relief to the Economic Hardship that we are all facing at this time.
I pray that Blessed Fr. Seelos will interceed and assist in our requests.

Dear Father Seelos....please intercede for my sister who has recovered from breast cancer and has recently found another lump. Give her the courgage and faith to accept the outcome and we her family, the strength to carry her through it.SS-H

Fr Seelos there are so many different concerns on my list right now that need prayers, guidance, faith and Trust. I ask for your help and offer my prayers to you and Our Lord G

Fr. Seelos, I offer my prayers for my son that he come back to Our Lord and open his heart and find his way to believe, trust and ASK Our Heavenly Father to help him get out of this depression and denial about his life, for his sake and the sake of his children GHB
Father Seelos I know this is minor compared to so many others with worst problems, please pray that my Husband finds a job soon.TD

Pater Christoph Lenz ordained a priest of the Palletine order today.

In thanksgiving for the 17th wedding anniversary of Myke & Miriam Rosenthal-English
To guide me to know how God will want me to move His ministry, for every mom, my marriage, transformation for myself for  understanding, patience for a husband who lacks communication, for a son Frank who is fallen away from the Catholic Church,God to lead my daughter Chantel to His vocation to serve  be single or married,a niece Sarah to find her way to conversion to the Catholic Church, her husband Nery to transform for being a husband and father for his children.Cyndie Barnes

Ollie,recovering from a knee op and in pain.

Peter Zimbriski who has a growth of his face and he is due medical test to find out the problem.Miriam

To lose weight and become healthier.Anon

Fr.. Seelos, I pray to give my brother courage to battle his fight with cancer. I also pray that he comes back to Our Lord. He's been away for so long. Take away his denial and open his eyes and his heart. I pray that God grant him these things that His will be done. AMEN.PTR

Dear Jesus, threw the divine intersession of Our Lady and all the angles and saints, I pray for my family, my sister with pill addictions and my brother with bad health.TH

Help me find my way.MM

Dear Father Seelos: I have two intentions today. One of my sons is taking an important test today to be licensed to sell insurance. He has worked and studied so hard for this test. Please give him guidance and may the end result be that he passed and is issued his license. My second request is for my Dear friend Jake that is having surgery today for his lung cancer. I pray that the surgeon removes all the cancer and not the lung. I pray that Jake's body heals and that he "listens" to his Doctor's. I pray for his family as I know they're all so worried about him. Please give them strength, thru Jesus name I pray.DB

Dear Fr Seelos, please intercede message below from my cousin, Liz, who just gave birth - thank you for all you do for us here on earth. "Everyone please pray for baby Gavin. He is in nicu for a possible collapsed lung. "EM

For all the intentions requested by TerriAnn.

Please pray for a young lady with Steven Johnson diesease, she is a Sr. in high school.Majella
 Prayers for Richard who is dying of cancer and leaves behind a young son and wife. May God give his family the graces and strength to carry on. With prayer for them. +++NM

Father Seelos, I have a friend that has lung cancer and is in need for healing. He's having surgery tomorrow to remove one of his lungs. I pray that an angel of mercy and thru your devine help his body can heal. Thru Jesus precious name! Amen.DB

Pray that everything will work out through this trouble time for my family... I know Blessef Father Seelos will help us get through this!!!Judy BB

 Please, pray:That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me!
That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives!
Thank you for all your prayers. Praying for you-KatarinaDjordjevic

 Pray for my family to have health and peace.Maria Fernandes

Father Seelos, I offer my prayers for my cousin, Stevie, he is and has suffered so much due to cancer and the treatment, please give him relief in whatever way is God's will and help all to accept His will. I must also ask the same prayer for my friend's wife, Sharon, while she is recouperating from lung cancer surgery; please keep thier family strong. Finally, please grant a safe journey home for all GRD employees from Iraq. Please keep us all safe on this long trip home. To you Father Seelos, I send my prayers, thru Jesus Christ Our Lord. Please give Mattie a hug for me. Edmay Mayers

Please Father Seelos with the blessings of GOD, Jesus and our Blessed Mother help my aunt P. T. and friend Ellen Hoffmann with a cure for their lung cancer that they will overcome all the pain and suffering brought upon them through their time of need, I myself am battleing colon cancer and pray after all treatments that we may all be blessed to be cancer free as we leave all in your hands to guide us. Thank you, AMEN MLKD

Annamarie Hadwick & Gisela Rosenthal aus Berlin
For those who have died,those suffering illness due to e coli in Germany.
I pray for help for my family.JR