360° Virtual tour of St Mang Basilica Füssen
Click on Basilika St Mang & also the one next to it.You will then see both inside and outside the Basilica where Blessed Seelos was baptised.


Herr Schropp Leads us on this tour of the Basilica,Crypt & Anna Chapel.

Crypt of St Mang.

Where the origional chapel built by him was found.It is below the main altar.The saint was originally buried there but in the year 1100 all his bones disappeared.

As you enter the Church,look to your left and you will see the entrance door above which leads to the crypt where the origional chapel built by St Mang is located.

The best time to be able to see the crypt is to attend the 0830hrs Mass most Mondays.This is normally celebrated in the crypt.Otherwise one of the tours of The Basilica also show the crypt.They are on Tuesdays 1630hrs and Saturdays 1030hrs.

Steps leading down to Crypt

The steps lead into this corridor.You turn to the left at the end of it to enter the Chapel opf St Mang.

The Chapel where Mass is celebrated most Mondays at 0830hrs.

Above is the origional burial place of the Saint before his bones were lost.

View from St Mang Chapel in the cryptup through the middle of the main Altar.The Main Altar is made of glass.If you look carefully you can see the Cross above the Altar with the relics of St Mang in it. 

Oldest Fresco in Germany

The Oldest Fresco in Germany is located in the crypt of St Mang.It shows St Gallus & St Mang.It is from the Teichenau School and is reckoned to have been painted around 980.




Burial Place of the Benedictine Abbotts of St Mang Monastory

Coming through the door from the present day Basilica complex into the Old Monastory complex.This is now part of Füssen museum.

Outside The Anna Chapel.The oldest chapel in Füssen where Mass is still celebrated today.

Anna Chapel

Füssen's world famous "Dance of Death" is located on the back wall of the Anna Chapel.


Outside entrance to the Anna Chapel.