The family grave can be found in the St Sebastian Churchyard in Füssen.As you enter the side door leading into the church,walk straight forwardtill you reach the second path on your right.Walk about 5 metres along and glance to your right.You sholud be looking at the grave that has the mortal remains of the parents of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos,Mang & Frances and his 18 year old sister,Kuningunda who died accidently when she lost her balance and fell from the hayloft of the mesner's house in Füssen.It also contains the mortal remains of  his sister,Antonia,who remained sinlge all her life.

The same graves taken 1st November 2008 are pictured below.It is tradition in Germany to visit the family graves on All Saints and in the Afternoon all graves are blessed.All the graveyards are spruced up for this big day in the calender.