St.Mang Abbey
The former Benedictine Monastery in Füssen

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos would have known this building very well.The House where he was born is only 300  metres from here.He would no doubt be surprised by its use today as the Town Hall and administrative centre of Füssen.

Entrance to the former St Mang Monastery.The courtyard can be seen inside .The above fresco is above the main entrance.The former Monastery is now Füssen Town Hall!

St Mang Basilica clearly visible  next to the former monastery.
The Anna Chapel is now also belonging to the Town Heritage Museum.Mass was until recently celebrated once a year in the chapel on the Feast of St Joachim and St Anne.


The view of the monastery from the other side of St Mang.Taken from the bridge over the River Lech.

The Inner Courtyard



The entrance to the Füssen Heritage Museum(Above)